How can I pay for the order?

We accept several payment methods: Paypal, Visa/Mastercard

Is the game currency always available?

If you can order gold, it means that it is available.

Our operator doesn't answer. What shall I do?

You can send an e-mail here. Please write your Skype ID, email or server and nickname so that we can contact you.

Can the administration of the game ban my account?

We haven’t had such cases yet as we use the most reliable way of the game currency transfer – an auction.

How can I order gold?

1. Select your server on the main page.

2. Select the amount of gold. 1pc = 1,000g

3. Post the item/items for auction and write the item’s/items’ name in the "Your items" field

4. Write your nickname in the "Your nickname" field

5. Click "Add to cart"

6. Click "View cart".

7. Check the order

8. Click "Checkout with Paypal"

9. Pay for the order.