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Sunstone Shards are available.

US Servers:

Available: Arkenstone - 20k, Brandywine - 10k, Crickhollow - 0k, Gladden - 20k+,

Landroval - 20k+. $15=10.000g

EU Servers:

Available: Belegaer - 10k+, Evernight 20k+, Gwaihir - 0, Laurelin - 20k+,

Sirannon - 0. $17=10.000g

The Lord of the Rings Online is an MMO game developed and being maintained by Standing Stone Games LLC. It was released in 2007 and has had five expansion packs so far. Its popularity peaked in 2010, when it was reported by the NPD Group as the third most played MMO game. Currently free-to-play, it was first released as subscription-based, with a VIP option entitling a player to extra perks. Some of the most popular VIP perks are unlimited access to all locations and content that cannot be found in expansions, express travel from town to town, unlimited economic freedom, and the ability to make currency payments through email or by cash-on-delivery method.

​LOTRO Gold is a currency unit widely used in The Lord of the Rings Online: Mordor (LOTRO). The currency is a medium for selling, buying, and exchanging items among players and NPCs. The more money you have, the more privilege your characters can  enjoy. Great quality weapons such as swords, daggers, maces, axes, shields, or rare items are at your  disposal while the others cannot afford them. The actual way of earning gold in The Lord of the Rings Online depends on your choice. You can start killing monsters, going on quests, and selling items to others. Another lucrative way is to learn a profession and develop your skill to get to a higher level, which you have to put a lot of gold into.


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